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over 22 years in the game

About us

We are a creative studio production with over 22 years of experience in television and advertising. We have a solid background that allows us to offer complete services in the field of graphics and video production: branding, rebranding, advertising graphics, TV spots, special effect, 2D and 3D animations, video image processing, online promotion, social media video.

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Reading time: 00:02:14 Brands are in a constant battle for market dominance and customer attention. The right visuals online or offline can go a long way in strengthening your positioning. At Dos Pixelos, we can help you make a compelling […]

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Reading time: 00:01:59 If you are starting or you’ve already established your business, one thing is for sure; you’ve got to step it up to the next level. One thing separates most businesses with successful businesses; great branding and a significant online presence, and what better place to promote and grow your business than DosPixelos!

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Reading time: 00:02:18 Memories are the most crucial part of our lives. They guide us in every decision we make and also allow us to love as we love and feel as we feel. Memories carry with them emotions and connections to people we spent time with at that particular moment. They remind us how some experience felt, allowing us to experience it all over again.